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A face lift primarily targets the lower half of the face, but Dr. Kent can perform it with a brow lift or blepharoplasty if necessary. A face lift elevates the jowls and the lower cheeks, giving firmer definition to the jawline while also tightening any looseness in the neck. It also greatly improves crease lines in the lower cheek and neck, but not those around the mouth and the nose.

Reasons for Considering a Face Lift
– Sagging of the neck
– Prominent jowls caused by loose skin
– Crease lines around the lower cheek and neck

General Procedure
Dr. Kent will make a series of incisions that start directly in front of the ear, circle back behind the ear and end in the scalp. He will also usually make a small incision under the chin. Then, he will liposuction the neck if there is any excess fat, and tighten the superficial muscles in front of the neck as well as those on the cheek. The skin of both the neck and the cheek are then pulled back to an extent and in a direction that will give you the most natural look.

Recovery Process
This surgery is performed as an out patient under general anesthesia. Your incisions will be covered in gauze, and a drain will be placed on either side of your face. You can then either go home or stay at a surgical facility overnight. Dr. Kent will go over these options with you in detail at your consultation. The next morning, your dressing and drains will be removed and replaced with a lighter dressing which will then be removed the following day. At this point, you can shower and gently wash your hair. The major swelling and bruising will subside in 10-14 days, but patients are usually moving around and doing routine activities within 24-48 hours.