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Reshape Your Figure with a Tummy Tuck in Tulsa

Reshape Your Figure with a Tummy Tuck in Tulsa

Reshape Your Figure with a Tummy Tuck in Tulsa
If you are feeling self-conscious about your midsection and want to see more definition with a sculpted look, consider the benefits of tummy tuck surgery in Tulsa. A tummy tuck can reshape your abdomen and waistline to create a sleek, youthful appearance. Women who have undergone multiple pregnancies or lost a lot of weight over their lifetime often have a hard time maintaining a flat stomach. This is because they have loose skin or excess fat around their waistline that won’t respond to diet and exercise. This is where tummy tuck surgery can help, and Dr. Kent can customize the procedure to produce the results you’re looking for.

Is a Tummy Tuck in Tulsa Right for Me?

Whether you have a protruding belly, rolls of skin around the midsection, or torn abdominal muscles after pregnancy or weight fluctuations, tummy tuck surgery may be the best way to restore your abdominal wall and reshape your figure. Dr. Kent uses special techniques to sculpt the midsection and eliminate any excess tissue that is creating the illusion of a wider or rounder belly. If you have stretch marks and sagging skin around the abdomen, we may be able to excise this section of excess skin and tighten up the tissue to achieve your desired appearance.

You may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck if you have:

  • Loose and stretched skin below the belly button
  • Stretch marks around the belly button and flanks
  • A protruding or rounded stomach
  • A poorly-defined waist
  • Weak abdominal muscles after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Diastasis
  • Layer of excess skin on top of the abdominal muscles

Many patients wonder whether they need liposuction instead of an abdominoplasty to achieve the results they want. We have found that the best candidates for liposuction are patients who have strong abdominal muscles, but just some excess fat around the belly. Tummy tuck surgery is better-suited for patients with weakened abdominal muscles and excess skin. These issues cannot be resolved with diet and exercise, so you may choose to undergo more extensive surgery to reshape your figure.

Learn more about tummy tuck surgery in Tulsa by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Kent today!

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"I am so thankful to Dr. Kent"
I think Dr. Kent is an absolutely excellent Plastic Surgeon. Choosing him to do my abdominal surgery is one of the best decisions I have made. He did not only meet my expectations he exceeded them. My results are awesome! His work and quality of care is excellent. He is very serious about detail and getting the best results.

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