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Arm Lift Surgery

A Brachioplasty, or arm lift, may be performed to reshape and improve the contours of your upper arms and chest wall. Dr. Brian Kent, a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers this opportunity for patients to improve their appearance in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Arm lift tulsa okIs an Arm Lift for You?

An arm lift in Tulsa may be for you if the undersides of your upper arms appear loose or are affected by sagging excess skin. The arm lift procedure can help to:

  • Reduce fat in your upper arm area
  • Reduce sagging skin
  • Smooth and tighten the tissue that shapes your upper arms

How is an Arm Lift Performed?

During your surgery, Tulsa plastic surgeon Dr. Kent will make an incision running from your elbow to your armpit, allowing him to remove any excess fat or tissue. The underlying tissue of your arm will be repaired to provide a firm and slim structure. He’ll then pull the skin back tight over your arm for a naturally youthful appearance. Any excess skin will be removed before Dr. Kent stitches your arm.

If your skin is tight and you don’t have a lot of extra fat or skin, Dr. Kent may perform a minimal incision Brachioplasty. Under this method, he’ll use a technique similar to liposuction, which will reduce scarring.

Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, in which case you won’t feel a thing. It should take about two hours to complete. You should be able to head home in Tulsa on the same day as this is generally an outpatient procedure. It is important to have someone available to drive you home as you will still be under the effects of the anesthesia.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

You may experience fluid and scabs for several weeks in addition to some bruising and swelling. Most post-surgical signs will clear up over the next few weeks, and your scar will become soft and flexible in as little as six weeks.

Don’t worry too much about pain. Dr. Kent may prescribe medication to deal with that. Another option is to buy an over-the-counter medication. He may also prescribe antibiotics to ward off an infection.

Speak with Dr. Kent about a recovery timeline and for advice about how to best manage yours. Having been in practice since 1987, he has plenty of experience and should be able to advise you how to make the best of this situation.

When Will You Notice Results?

Due to the nature of this procedure, you should notice a difference immediately afterward (although some surgical signs will be apparent). While there will be a scar, patients are often fine with it since it means being rid of the excess fat or skin. Results are intended to be long-lasting, and you can help retain your new look by keeping a healthy, stable weight. Speak with Dr. Kent about a specific timeline for your results and how to best maintain them.

Getting an Arm Lift in Tulsa

To get an arm lift in Tulsa or learn more about this procedure, contact Dr. Kent’s office.


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