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“I contacted Dr. Kent’s office to receive a consultation on a tummy tuck. Everything about my experience exceeded my expectations. I felt at ease during the consultation. Dr. Kent was thorough in his explanation of the procedure. The post surgical care was excellent, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I will recommend Dr. Kent and his staff without hesitation.”

– J.H.

“I knew the moment I met Dr Kent and Mandy that that’s who I wanted behind me going thru such a major change in my body. Dr Kent you did an amazing job on my mommy makeover! He listened to what I wanted and gave me his input as well, but never made me feel wrong. I am extremely pleased with my results. Not only did you meet my expectations you exceeded them. Thank you for always being there to answer every question I had Mandy, even after hours! Talk about being taken care of and doing a great job that’s exactly what you did!! Thank you because I will be rocking a 2 piece this year at 44 something I thought I would NEVER be able to do again. You’re an amazing surgeon that paid attention to detail and wanted it done right! So if you’re looking for a surgeon this is the one trust me. Thank you both.”

– J.S.

“I am 5ft 2″ and 115lbs and after having 3, 8lb babies, my abdomen was pretty much destroyed. My abdominal muscles had completely separated and I had so much loose, stretched skin. Dr. Kent transformed my stomach with a full tummy tuck and I am ecstatic with the results! I never thought I’d be able to wear a two piece swim suit again but now I can wear a bikini with confidence. Also, before having kids, my breasts were a full B/ small C but after 3 pregnancies, I was down to a AA! Dr Kent gave me silicone implants and I am so happy with the results. The implants are so soft and feel so natural and comfortable. The size is perfect for my body. Dr. Kent is very kind and always made me feel comfortable. He is an artist at what he does and I highly recommend him to anyone!”


A relaxed and comfortable experience.
“You have come to the right place. From the moment you walk into the office of Dr. Kent you sense a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Any doubts or fears that you have brought with you begin to melt away.”

“Between Dr. Kent and his assistant Mandy, your visit now becomes a very personal one…they truly care about the desires of your heart and they LISTEN, explaining all options thoroughly, and will answer any and all questions you may have. You are treated with the utmost, respect, doing everything in their power to make you relaxed and comfortable. Sounds too good to be true? NOT THIS TIME! This is called INTEGRITY WITH HEART; something we rarely expect or find much of in the world today.”

“Dr. Kent is very kind and gentle; he is approachable, and his work is done with delicate precision. He is extremely knowledgeable, with many years of experience and wisdom to draw upon. A diamond in the rough!”

“Mandy brings her won unique skills in the nursing field as well as astute office experience, but she is totally a stand-out when it comes to the compassion she generously gives to all she meets.”

“Together, they are a dynamic team built with YOU in mind, and whose personal joy comes from their patients joy and satisfaction for the “job well done”. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!” S.B

I love my new look!
“I wanted be sure that I let you know how great a doctor you are. I have had many medical conditions, and four babies, so I have seen many doctors in my life. However, I have never had a doctor with such a wonderful bedside manner and care. Dr.Kent took such pride and care in his work. He listened to what I wanted, and that’s exactly what I got. I came in for a breast lift and implants. After breastfeeding four children for over a year each, my breasts were less than pleasing to myself. He has helped me be able to look in a mirror and smile again. I feel like I got a few years back. He takes such care when explaining , and listening to you. I was given full explanation about my surgery, was left with no worries or no questions. I must also say, as far as doctors and offices, I have never had a doctor and staff that made me feel like I was there only patient. I was given the ability to contact them before and after the surgery for anything at anytime.”

“Mandy is excellent at her job, I have never called that she didn’t answer. And since its only her, its awesome that I didn’t have to explain to different employees when I called, what I wanted. You always talk to her!!! It’s great. I am so glad that I chose him. His work surely speaks for itself. And he settles for nothing less than his best. I love my new look and I have him to thank. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would!!!” – Thank you so much, AK

I am so thankful
“I got breast implants at a young age without doing as much research as I should have, especially in finding which surgeon would be best for me. A few years later when I was looking to explant I called just about every surgeon in the area and made five consultations with the offices that I found answered my questions best. I went back to the surgeon that performed the implant first hoping that the lack of communication the first go around was mostly my fault for not knowing what to ask and exactly what I should expect. Turned out that he just wasn’t very interested in listening to his patients or doing what they ask, even though you tell him what you want he knows best so he’s just going to do what he decides nevertheless and you’re stuck with the end result. I obviously continued my search. The second and third doctors were much nicer but told me regardless of the fact that I’m young and have only had my implants for a few years I will most likely be smaller than I was before implants and will need a lift consequently leaving me very unhappy.”

“After the first three consultations I was really starting to feel unsure about my decision, that was before I met Mandy and Dr. Brian Kent. From the initial consultation Mandy made me feel completely comfortable and actually well heard. There was no “why would you want to do that?” Or “are you sure you don’t want to try a smaller implant?” It was “I understand that’s what you want and let me get Dr. Kent to let you know what he thinks the final result will be for you.” Dr. Kent immediately told me just after a glance that he knew I would not need a lift and didn’t even mention trying a smaller implant. He then let me know exactly what size he thought I would be after and he was exactly right. I am now two months post surgery and loving my final results! Not to mention he will get the absolute best deal he can as far as price goes, he charged at least $1,000 less than what the other doctors were asking. Overall I am so thankful to have had him as my surgeon, he and Mandy really care for their patients. You can see it from the day you meet them, they will answer their phones at any hour of the night and come in on weekends or holidays to make sure that you’re taken care of and work around your schedule!”

“I wrote this as a thank you to the both of them but also as a note to all of you beautiful women out there, this big decision of whatever it is you might be getting done doesn’t have to be so scary and nerve-racking! There are doctors who care and will do everything they can to give you what you want and be there for you every step of the way! Do your research, take your time, and shop around because as a customer who made a huge mistake the first time and was ever so picky the second go around I couldn’t be anymore thankful and pleased!!!”

I am so thankful to Dr. Kent
“I think Dr. Kent is an absolutely excellent Plastic Surgeon. Choosing him to do my abdominal surgery is one of the best decisions I have made. He did not only meet my expectations he exceeded them. My results are awesome! His work and quality of care is excellent. He is very serious about detail and getting the best results.I highly recommend Dr. Kent if you are considering any kind of plastic surgery you will be in excellent hands. I am so thankful to Dr. Kent and his staff for all their hard work. Dr. Kent is the best at what he does.”
– KG

He was the perfect choice
“In the fall of 2011, I decided to pursue breast reduction surgery. I visited with three different surgeons in my area in my effort to locate one with whom I felt confident would possess the professional training, experience and attention to detail that I felt necessary. Dr. Brian Kent was the third surgeon I visited. I reviewed his work, references and training and determined he was the perfect choice. He took the time to address my concerns and to realistically explain post surgical results. After my initial office visit, he and his staff took over the process of gaining insurance approval for my surgery and scheduling the surgery. In December, 2011 he performed the procedure.This was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It’s been more than a year since my procedure and I’m still as pleased with the excellent results as I was immediately following the surgery. His excellent post surgical follow up and instruction made this experience so much easier than I thought possible.”

“I’ve given Dr. Kent and his staff permission to pass my contact information to other potential patients to use as a reference. I feel that strongly about his skill level and the overall experience. I would highly recommend visiting with Dr. Kent and his staff if you have need of a plastic surgeon.”
– Sincerely, S.R.

“I met Dr Kent via a Mommy Makeover Seminar. He gave fantastic information about “bouncing back” after having a child. His office staff is wonderful and very accomodating.”
– Sincerely, M.K.

More rewarding than I could have imagined!
“I’m happy to give you a testimonial. You’ve taken such great care with me and I’m so so very appreciative.”After nursing two babies and constantly facing the challenge of gravity at almost 48 years old, I finally decided to explore my options. I started researching and consulted with a plastic surgeon downtown. This doctor recommended more than what I felt was necessary or that I was comfortable with having performed. Seeking a second opinion I met with Dr. Kent. He demonstrated respect and listened to my questions and concerns taking all the time I needed. Dr. Kent made great recommendations while incorporating my wishes. The result — great success! Helping me regain the confidence in myself has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. Follow up care has been equally great as Dr. Kent is obviously passionate about his calling.”

“As you consider having plastic surgery be sure to consult with Dr. Kent before making your final decision, you’ll be glad you did.”
– Sincerely, K.H.

They went above and beyond
“Dr. Kent did a wonderful job removing and replacing my implants. The initial implants were done by another doctor several years ago and one had ruptured. Dr. Kent and his assistant (Mandy) tracked down the previous doctor (who is located in Nevada) to get the information needed for the new implants as well as found out the company who the implants had been purchased through. They discovered that my implants were under warranty through this company so, they did the leg work to help me get my warrantied coverage. They went above and beyond. Not to mention that I love my new breasts!”
– Sincerely, R.M.

I highly recommend him
“Making the decision to schedule a consultation regarding my tummy tuck/breast lift/augmentation was a huge step for me. After two pregnancies and a significant weight loss, I was extremely unhappy with my body. Dr. Kent was the third surgeon I consulted and when I walked out of his office after my initial consultation, I knew that he was the surgeon that would perform my procedures. Six months later, I could not be happier with my results. I feel amazing! I have the body I have dreamt of having for years! Additionally, both Dr. Kent and Mandy, his assistant, were accessible and attentive through the entire recovery process. Dr Kent does amazing work and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a thorough, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable and talented surgeon. I’m so happy I chose him!”
– Sincerely, E.C.

Dr. Kent put me at ease
“I will admit that as anxious I was to have a mommy makeover that I was extremely nervous about it as well. Dr. Kent put me at ease from the first introduction. He was welcoming to both me and my husband during the entire process. He listened to my concerns and fears and then treated me with professionalism that I wasn’t just another body to operate on. Dr Kent used his years of experience and his attention to what I wanted to take my tired mommy body and make it look like never before. I would recommend Dr Brian Kent to anyone seeking a professional and meticulous plastic surgeon.”
– Thanks, AB

He won’t be happy if you aren’t happy.
“I love love love this man! As one of his patients I want to tell you that he was a huge role in saving my life last year. I had a biopsy revealing melanoma. There is protocol for removing larger area to obtain clear margins. I needed surgery and had no insurance. Dr. Kent had just started here in Tulsa and shared an office with my PCP. One day after getting pathology reports of my melanoma, my PCP called to tell me that Dr Kent had agreed to do my procedure in office for a low charge. I had never even laid eyes on this man so he obviously didn’t know me from Adam. As soon as I met him I was completely comfortable. He is very compassionate and very very picky about his work. The area was on my leg where it was visible even in long shorts. He took his time and did a wonderful job. If I had had insurance at the time, I could’ve ended up having this done at a hospital as an outpatient procedure with whatever surgeon was assigned to my case. I have no doubt that my outcome would not have gone as well.”

“While I do have a scar on my leg, I must say it is very minimal considering the situation. And it looks great bc he cared about the fact that I’m a woman and cares about how I perceive my own body. The scar becomes less apparent as time goes by. I later used Dr Kent for a breast augmentation. I was not blessed with breasts and had always felt out of proportion. Dr Kent guided me in size and types of implants. Its not as easy as just saying “here, I want these”. Dr Kent made sure they were the perfect fit for me. He called my husband the evening of the surgery to check on me and saw me in his office the next morning. Not because I needed him but because he has to know that his patients are ok and recovering as they should be. I had pain for about 24 hours and had no pain med needs beyond that. I returned to work two days after surgery. I remember him being in the OR before I was put to sleep. He was checking everyone in the room making sure everyone had all their stuff and were on top of their game. He did my leg in July 2012. 4 weeks later I was in Jamaica healed and completely comfortable in my bathing suit. My breast augmentation was in September 2012. They are perfect, fit my body like they are truly mine and I can barely see my own scars.”

“Now I will tell you this, I am a registered nurse. I’ve worked in the OR, ER, ICU, hospice and homehealth. I’ve had and continue to have daily interactions with all sorts of doctors. Dr Kent is definitely one of a kind. He’s all about perfection and his patients happiness. He won’t be happy if you aren’t happy. He is absolutely right where he belongs. Go by and meet him and the rest of the office. Mandy will answer all your questions, I can hear her smiling when she answers the phone. Angie is also my life saver (Botox and fillers). She isn’t there to just take your money. She is amazing and is a better judge of my own face than I am. She is very professional and compassionate as well. I havent had the opportunity to use Jennifer yet but she is there for all your skin procedure needs. I have met her and spoke with her and would trust her for any lasers or peels. Dr Kent has a great team. If you don’t take time to go by and check them out, you’re missing out on your best look and outcomes! This place is the bomb! These guys ROCK!!!”
– Sincerely, VA

Love them!!!!
“Dr. Kent is an excellent surgeon!!! He cares about your results – so much so, he worries about you until he is certain that everything is 100% correct. He is a perfectionist which is the quality you want in a surgeon!!!! This may be TMI, but he made my 41 year old boobies look like they did when I was 20;) One day, I hope to back for the tummy tuck. I was originally denied by insurance, but Dr. Kent spoke directly to the insurance company and got it approved. His assistant, Mandy, is also wonderful. She is there to answer any question or relieve any nervousness. Love them!!!!”
– Patient J.B


Breast augmentation can add fullness, replace lost breast volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, and improve symmetry. Dr. Kent works closely with patients to understand desired outcomes of breast augmentation and strives to give patients the most natural-looking results possible. Learn more about breast augmentation with Dr. Kent.


"I am so thankful to Dr. Kent"
I think Dr. Kent is an absolutely excellent Plastic Surgeon. Choosing him to do my abdominal surgery is one of the best decisions I have made. He did not only meet my expectations he exceeded them. My results are awesome! His work and quality of care is excellent. He is very serious about detail and getting the best results.

Dr Kent Tulsa Plastic Surgeon